The 5 Best Electric Skateboards of 2021 – Unbiased Reviews & Purchasing Guide

The switch to electric today influences all means of locomotion. Skates are no exception to this revolution. However, affording this equipment is not just a whim. There are several parameters that should not be overlooked, especially if this is your first investment. In this review, we tell you about them. However, if the weather does not allow you to read to the end, here are two models that caught our attention. Switcher V1 comes straight from the Evo-Spirit factories. Its convertibility multiplies its versatility, making it adaptable to many situations. The wheels can be changed depending on the type of terrain to be covered. For its part, Teamgee H5 satisfies those for whom ease of use is paramount.

Recommended products

We have grouped together equipment from consumers’ choices on the web in this section. You will find models that may interest you in your quest if you take the selection parameters seriously into account during your efforts.

All terrain electric skate

Evo-Spirit Switcher V1

When you are looking for the best electric skateboard, versatility is one of the criteria to put forward. Note that this parameter is one of the major assets of Switcher V1. Thus, this Evo-Spirit equipment can be changed into whatever you want: all terrain or longboard.

In the first, you have wheels with EAFT technology (Evo Air Free Technology) which are intended to absorb shocks and offer you optimal comfort afterwards despite a speed of 35 km / h. The size of the tires is around 6 ” and they easily crush stones in their path. The rubber structure remains insensitive to punctures. The performance of this device is conditioned by a 1000 W brushless motor capable of propelling you to 40 km / h in longboard mode.

This device comes with a Bluetooth remote control with which you control the speed, the braking system or even reverse gear.

The Pros

Convertible : With this model, you will not have difficulty facing all types of terrain. When going from asphalt to stony paths, all you have to do is change the wheels.

Powerful : Probably the top performer on our list in terms of power, its 1000W brushless motor helps you get there on time for an important appointment.

Deck design : The board incorporates Flex technology, giving it an optimal balance between flexibility and strength. Moreover, the brand has chosen Canadian maple for its manufacture.

The Cons

Price dissuasive : If you have any budget limitation, be aware that this product is expensive.

XT-Racing XTC RC Off Road

XT-Racing is one of the brands to visit in case you are wondering where to buy the best electric skate. It puts in competition with the other models of the manufacturers the XTC RC Off Road. And as its name suggests, this equipment is intended for adventurers, lovers of rugged trails and secondary roads.

To satisfy its consumers, the brand has equipped this device with puncture-proof all-terrain wheels coupled to a shock absorber system. An 800 W motor boosts the assembly, allowing it to reach 32 km / h. In addition, thanks to the remote control, you will manage your pace according to your convenience.

At full charge, the manufacturer maintains that you will be able to cover 30 km before the battery runs out. During the ride, the ergonomic design of the board improves your comfort. And for your safety, you can count on its ABS braking mechanism.

The Pros

Easy handling : Acceleration and braking are controlled via the accessory. The latter is suitable for all user profiles, amateurs or professionals.

Convenient structure : The skate has a non-slip interface that protects against possible slipping.

Brake performance : The designer relies on ABS technology. This device embeds an electronic system playing its role in all circumstances.

The Cons

Disappointing battery life : Users are somewhat disappointed with the battery life. It does not seem to correspond to its description.

Cheap electric skate

Teamgee H5

Buying a relatively cheaper than average specimen often leads to a bad investment. This is not the case with the Teamgee H5 based on positive consumer feedback. One quickly assimilates the mode of manipulation of this model. Even if this is your first piece of equipment, you are not likely to have difficulty moving it forward.

It has a powerful 760 W motor, connected to its rear wheels. On the asphalt, you have a lot of choice in terms of speed thanks to its two modes. The skate has an aerodynamic appearance that minimizes resistance with air and will optimize your velocity. With a light weight of 6.6 kg, freestyle enthusiasts will also find what they are looking for.

The battery lasts 2 hours to 4 hours, with that you will have crossed 18 km. On the road, you can view its status using the LCD screen on the remote control.

The Pros

Innovative technology : To preserve the battery, the manufacturer has integrated a system for restoring the energy it recovers during descents and decelerations .

Realization of the board : The specimen has a thickness of only 1.5 cm which allows it to be easily transportable. It will not burden you on the go.

Adjustable speed : During your run, you can adopt a pace of 18 km / h and 35 km / h which you will modify according to your type of trip and the circumstances.

The Cons

Selective Wheels: Users say tires lose performance if you regularly ride on wet surfaces.

1 wheel electric skate

Bluefin Hovershoes

In the race for the title of the best brand of electric skateboards, Bluefin is embarking on the design of the Hovershoes. These are independent pads with motors on each of them. But for this equipment from the manufacturer, it is possible to transform it into a hoverboard by connecting them with a bar intended for this purpose.

This product is suitable for all user profiles, as it incorporates a self-balancing system once you position yourself on it. At full speed you reach 12 km / h with the help of its high capacity battery. Its large 3.5 ” rubber wheels roll easily on the asphalt.

During your race, the LED lights will be useful to you with the lights which inform you about the operation of the devices. The manufacturer has also provided them with a carrying strap on the sides if you decide to wear them otherwise. However, the set contains a storage bag to facilitate your travels.

The Pros

Stability Technology : As soon as you step on it, its skates automatically detect your center of gravity and adapt to your movements.

Convenient LED Lighting : This specimen uses indicator lights to inform you of its condition. The color of the LEDs changes depending on the circumstances.

2 in 1 device : A connection bar accompanies the equipment. In this way, you have the possibility of transforming your hovershoes into a hoverboard in no time at all.

The Cons

For use on flat surfaces : Avoid rough terrain if you want to optimize your experiences.

LXWM 3.5 Inch

If you can’t decide which electric skateboard to choose, why not try the hovershoes experience? LXWM also offers you the solution. Whether you are new to the area or you are a seasoned skateboarder, you will quickly become familiar with the handling of this equipment.

It has an anti-slip surface that adheres to your shoes as soon as you position yourself. This prevents you from unexpected slips. With its automatic center of gravity detector, it is even possible to stand still.

The benchmark motors are boosted by a 24 V lithium battery and help you cover 10 km with just 2 hours of charging. At full power, you reach 12 km / h. The weight of these skates does not exceed 3 kg each. Lightweight, they are easily transported with the strap and the storage bag supplied with the product.

The Pros

Easy to use: Handling does not require special skills. Just get on your hovershoes and activate them. Once in operation, they automatically adapt to your needs.

Sturdy Design : The set consists of aluminum alloy assembly and high quality rubber finishes. It does not fear contact with water with its waterproof rating rated at IP54.

The Cons

Route to choose well : This specimen has difficulty moving over stony surfaces and cobblestones.


Electric skate kit

AAlamor 17Pcs

With this product from AAlamor, you have the possibility to change the engine components of your electric skate or equip a traditional model. This is a complete pack consisting of 17 accessories.

It includes a drum to be installed at the level of an 80 mm diameter wheel. The device is designed in aluminum, combining both strength and lightness. The screws are made of stainless steel. These elements effectively resist rust and moisture. They are used to consolidate the gears of the tire and those of the turbine. They also include a pulley to be placed on the engine with a dimension of 8 mm.

Electric skate motor

Lovinn Heavy Duty

This Lovinn motor is to be connected with the battery and to be connected with the wheels of your skateboard. It has a power of 1820 W, and will propel you at a higher or lower speed on the road.

The connection is easy. It features colored threads that accommodate your processes. This specimen is also the result of an anti-rust treatment which allows it to effectively resist exterior deterioration and in particular early deterioration. With this equipment, you will transform all types of traditional skateboards into an electric machine in no time at all.

How to choose a good electric skate?

When you browse the web, it is not uncommon to come across a comparison on these equipments. The challenge is to find THE model that meets your expectations. However, to determine which is the best electric skate on the market, you will need to have a few concepts in mind or you risk making an investment that you will regret later.

Purchase guide

The type of use

Through a buying guide for the best electric skates, professionals deliver their recommendations. And generally, the first indications turn to the nature of your uses or what you will do with your future device.

Here, keep in mind your frequency of use as well as the types of trips you usually plan to cover with your board. If your circuit mainly contains asphalt roads in good condition, a classic electric model will be more than enough for you.

On the other hand, if your daily races are carried out on rough trails or bumpy paths (mountain tracks for example), the advice of connoisseurs turns to off-road devices. And for this, you will focus on devices with solid and puncture-proof wheels. The latter are not afraid of off-piste roads unlike inflatable tires which are more geared towards a smooth gliding sensation.

Engine power

In a general case, you will find two main types of motors on these electric boards. The first are nicknamed “brush motors” and the second “brushless or brushless motors”. The latter remain favored by manufacturers and consumers alike for their many strengths. They are more efficient, more durable and much easier to maintain. There is no shortage of spare parts. However, their prices are a tad higher.

As you research, you will notice that horsepower varies from model to model. While most peak at around 400 W, more sophisticated specimens reach 750 W or even 1000 W. Note that this criterion mainly affects the speed of the skate.

The pace of this type of equipment is usually between 10 km / h and 30 km / h. This does not prevent manufacturers from pleasing thrill seekers by designing models capable of speeding at 40 km / h. However, these latter configurations are recommended for journeys on open roads or on the outskirts, since in urban traffic, the use of these rapid devices can be reduced with speed limits.

Autonomy and battery

This type of device is powered by connecting the motor to a battery. For the latter, it can be lithium or lead, the two varieties that you must meet on a price comparison .

The former is today among the first choices of consumers for its performance. It has a satisfactory autonomy, a reduced charging time and a smaller footprint in terms of weight. However, it remains more expensive than the second category. So it’s up to you to find the right compromise to know how to buy an electric skate with a better quality-price ratio.

As for the duration of activity of this type of board, it can vary from 10 km to 40 km, depending on the intensity of the battery. You will therefore have to recharge it several times a day if you live far enough from your workplace or school or you plan to shop with it.

Ease of use

The design of the electric skate does not stray too far from that of its cousins. Indeed, it does not include a handlebar like the scooter or a seat like the bicycle. Your comfort of use is therefore conditioned by the structure of the board. The feet rest on it during the course. It is therefore essential that its size corresponds to your morphology. If you opt for a model with too large measurements, you will find yourself in difficulty in turns and the like. Conversely, a specimen that is too small will only limit your movements.

Secondly, if you feel that you do not yet have the concepts of the discipline, turn to devices with non-slip surfaces. They will considerably reduce your slipping by adhering with your shoes.

Additional options

By focusing on the additional options available in the model in question, you will be able to determine how to choose the best electric skateboards of 2021. However, the features created by the manufacturers remain varied. It is up to you to select the most appropriate for your uses.

The most common on the market remains remote control. The equipment is generally accompanied by a remote control via which it is possible to control the machine. Connected technology is also gaining notoriety. Via an application, you can synchronize the performance of the board with a smartphone from a Bluetooth link.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to use an electric skate?

In general, this type of equipment is able to drive on all possible paths, it is enough to select the wheels well. While some are only intended for ripples on asphalt and flat circuits, others make the unconventional route accessible.

You have the option of electric skateboarding in two ways. If you already know a few basic techniques, you won’t have any difficulty in freewheeling. Here you ride as if you were using a regular board. The second, on the other hand, requires the use of the remote control. Pressing a button will turn on the engine, another will drive you forward and a final one will brake or reverse. If this is your first experience on this type of gear, however, it is recommended that you wear protective accessories such as a helmet, elbow pads or knee pads.

Q2: How does an electric skate work?

If the mode of use of an electric skate does not really differ from the traditional model, its operation is particularized by the presence of its engine block. It may have one or two depending on the specimen. Like all motor vehicles, the turbine drives the wheels, which causes the assembly to move. It draws its energy from the battery that is usually located under the deck.

The remote control is used to move forward, backward or to brake. It is also used to change gears. Engine performance usually depends on its power. If some do not manage to exceed fifteen kilometers per hour, others are able to reach more than 30 km / h.

Q3: How to do electric 2 wheel skate?

Similar to all board sports, two-wheel skateboarding begins with positioning your foot. You can be Goofy (Right foot forward) or Regular (Left foot forward). Once on the board, push off with the back foot and bring it back to the board. To gain speed, you can perform shoulder movements while pushing off from the back foot. It is possible to adopt a straight posture once you have reached the desired velocity. To take a turn, all you need to do is simultaneously tilt your feet in the desired direction. To brake, you can take one foot out to slow down or even do a wheelie. This last technique involves lifting the front of the board as the rear will rub against the ground and limit your pace.

Q4: How much does an electric skate cost?

The selection of your equipment is made according to several criteria such as type, engine power, battery life, comfort of use or additional options. Be aware that the more the specimen in question has performance unmatched by others, the more you have to pay to acquire it. Generally speaking, the cost of a cheap model is around 200 euros. You will then need to prepare more if you plan to invest in a device that will support you in the long term.

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