The 5 Best Ski Goggles of 2021 – Unbiased Reviews & Purchasing Guide

Getting well equipped is essential when practicing a dangerous sport such as skiing. Indeed, to minimize the risk of accident, it is important to have certain safety accessories. The mask is also one of the essential aids in this activity. It not only protects against projectiles of all kinds, but also against the sun’s UV rays, which are much stronger in the mountains. But to find the best performing, it is better to refer to certain selection criteria. You will first have to take a look at the protection index offered by the lenses of the prototype that interests you. Then make sure that the product is easy to adjust and comfortable. In this ranking, we will direct you to variations such as the Oakley Flight Deckfitted with PRIZM lenses suitable for all light conditions. Or the Bollé Y6 OTG esteemed for its anti-fog system limiting humidity accumulation. Then you will know where to buy the best ski goggles.

Recommended products

Oakley Prizm Flight Deck

Knowing which ski mask to choose is not easy. Several parameters must be considered before embarking on the purchase of a prototype. This model from Oakley is above all prized for the XXL vision it offers. Thanks to this feature, you will easily distinguish everything in your path. Enough to easily avoid the obstacles you will encounter.

To ensure your comfort at all times, this specimen is also equipped with an F3 anti-fog system. Thanks to the latter, you will no longer be bothered by a possible accumulation of humidity. Enough to further increase your performance. And this even during low temperature days.

If you are worried that this prototype will not be suitable for your mask, rest assured, because it is compatible with several references. What to adapt it to several devices. Also, thanks to the sub-frame, changing lenses becomes quick and easy.

The Pros

PRIZM lenses: Buying this version will give you many advantages. The technology integrated in the lenses of this mask will not only better protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, but will also offer you better contrasts.

F3 anti-fog system: With this arrangement, you will no longer feel any discomfort linked to the accumulation of humidity, both at high and low temperatures.

Versatile: This item has been designed to fit multiple mask models. You can then easily associate it with yours.

The Cons

Heavy: From the top of its 1.36 kg, this equipment still seems quite heavy.

Bollé Y6 OTG

Knowing how to choose the best ski goggles for 2021 is not easy, especially given the plurality of products available on the market. It is indeed necessary to be vigilant not to make mistakes and end up with faulty equipment. With Bollé, you will be well served in all circumstances. This model that the brand presents to us is also intended for all users, because it turns out to be compatible with people who wear corrective lenses.

On the other hand, this specimen also ensures good wearing comfort. To do this, its designers made it with dual density foam. Thanks to this, you will not feel any significant discomfort in your face. Also, this prototype weighs in all only 150 g. You don’t risk getting tired putting them on. In addition, to ensure impeccable vision at all times, an anti-fog layer has been applied to this pair of glasses.

The Pros

Good ventilation: To reduce the accumulation of humidity inside the lenses, this equipment includes efficient ventilation systems in each frame. This arrangement creates a directional air flow.

Anti-fog: Thanks to this design, the little moisture you will encounter will not interfere with your eyesight in any way.

Materials: With its double density foam construction, this item is both comfortable to wear, but also light.

The Cons

Cost: This product is offered at a really cheap price so that some people hesitate to buy it for fear that the quality is low.

Julbo J73492113

If you’re looking for inexpensive, yet high-performance gear for your child, then this item from Julbo is for you. Indeed, you can get this product for only twenty euros.

Its yellow colored glasses will help your little one to cope more easily with all kinds of fog that he will encounter on the way. Thus, he will not easily risk having an accident on his journey. This article is therefore ideal for the winter season.

According to the consumer test , no mist has come to interfere with the sight of their cherub during their activities. This is a significant plus, because you will then be more reassured of the safety of your toddler.

Apart from that, this specimen also offers a great field of view. If this is your son or daughter’s first time, this material will not bother him during his journey.

The Pros

Photochromic White Proton Glasses: This photochromic design makes it comfortable in any circumstance and especially on white days.

Wide Field of View: This product features large glasses that will allow your cherub to clearly see his surroundings.

Anatomical frame: Thanks to this configuration, this specimen easily adapts to all head sizes. Also, this will guarantee the well-being of your little one throughout his activities.

The Cons

Only for winter: The information left by the designer indicates that this product should only be worn in winter. This limits its use.

Salomon Aksium Access

Even if Salomon is not considered to be the best brand of ski goggles, the brand has distinguished itself by taking into account the needs of each type of user. This model, for example, is proof of this. This specimen is mixed and therefore suitable for both sexes. The man will appreciate the sobriety presented by the black color of the equipment. The woman will be delighted to find a product that matches her head size. Also, this material is suitable for spectacle wearers.

In order to allow you to use this prototype in all circumstances, its designer has manufactured it in such a way as to make it versatile. It can be put on at any time and therefore in any season.

In addition, the screen is certified 100% anti-UV. The lenses of this variation can then effectively protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays even when the sun is strong.

The Pros

Airflow system: Thanks to this technology, this product will prevent the formation of fogs on your screen. No trace of moisture will therefore obstruct your view.

Minimalist Frame: This design enlarges the field of view. Thus, you will distinguish more elements on your way.

Double layer of foam: This material of composition will ensure a light and comfortable port.

The Cons

Fragile: According to consumers, this item is of average quality. According to them the structure seems delicate.


Compared to most high-end products on the market, this one might seem pretty straightforward. It also only has a single screen. Nevertheless, this one is anti-fog. Indeed, it is the minimum criterion which determines whether a ski mask is efficient or not.

On the other hand, this prototype was designed to benefit several user profiles. Indeed, it is suitable not only for people with impeccable vision but also for those who must wear corrective lenses.

This product was also made with triple density foam. This material is soft, flexible and supple at the same time. Contact with the skin will therefore not be exhausting.

Ventilation filters have been incorporated into this prototype. Fogging due to moisture build-up will then be reduced. Enough to increase your performance on your course.

The Pros

Price: This item is the least expensive of this comparison. Its design is quite minimalist. However, it includes all the necessary devices for reliable use.

Anti-fog screen: In addition to the ventilation filters that make up this product, it is also anti-fog treated. In this sense, no inconvenience related to humidity will disturb you throughout your activity.

Triple density foam: Thanks to this design, the equipment is light and soft. Comfort is therefore there.

The Cons

Size: According to consumers, it tends to be a little too tight.

How to choose a good ski mask?

The purchase of your ski equipment should not be left to chance, especially goggles. These accessories are a major part of your protection and can create real accidents for you in the event of failure. This is why you should take the time to follow the advice given by the experts on the parameters you should consider before starting your transactions.

Purchase guide


If you have come across this article it is because you are looking for how to buy a ski goggles that are better value for money. And to begin with, we recommend that you emphasize the comfort of carrying. Indeed, convenience is of the utmost importance as you will probably have to wear your accessory for a long time during the day. So, prefer specimens that won’t clutter you up or tire you out after a few minutes. In this sense, prototypes with foam padding offer an interesting alternative. However, make sure the item is compatible with your face shape.

Comfort is also conditioned by a good selection of the size of your future acquisition. You have a lot of choice on a price comparison. You will find devices for all ages. Children can turn to sizes XS. The Small / Medium are designed for juniors, men or women with a fine facial morphology. If you have a mid-size face, the M size masks are right for you. The Medium / Large and XL are for individuals with very large faces.

Screen type

A buying guide for the best ski goggles will also advise you to look into the type of lens that makes up the gear in question. In general, you should choose it based on your actual needs on the track.

If ruggedness is your priority, dual monitor models are likely to interest you. In addition, they have a practical anti-fog technology thus limiting the formation of vapor which can be annoying during the race. There are also specimens that you can easily accommodate depending on the light, commonly referred to as photochromic.

You can also come across so-called spherical screen accessories. In terms of visibility, they offer a wide field of vision so that you can easily identify obstacles on the ground. Polarized lens masks protect your eyes from glare. If you can’t stand contact lenses and need to wear glasses during your activities, give preference to OTG or Over The Glass references.


Take a look at the design of your gear before looking for where to buy a new ski goggle . The specimens on the market are available in several colors that you just have to choose the aesthetic according to your tastes and your style. In the trade you will find materials presenting a vintage aspect or even futuristic and modern.

Their shapes can be spherical or cylindrical. Respectively, the first category offers an optimization of your visual performance while the second is relatively affordable in terms of price.

How to use a ski mask?

The mask is an essential accessory on the ski slope. Forgetting to put it on exposes you to a lot of accident risks. But also, certain actions are necessary to benefit from an optimal use of your equipment. In this sense, we share these processes with you in this article.

Wear your accessory at all times

It is important that you keep in mind that the ski goggles are not compulsory equipment, but useful for your activities. You should therefore not neglect its port, whatever the weather. Indeed, even if it does not snow, the material is able to protect you from UV rays and glare caused by the sun’s rays.

Try it on

Before you unpack the tracks and show off your performances to the public, you will need to make sure that your accessories provide you with maximum convenience. Do not hesitate to go to try on your equipment at home so as not to have any unpleasant surprises once in the field. Wear it for a while so that your face adapts to the structure. So you will immediately recognize if the equipment is not right for you or if it produces feelings of discomfort.

Use OTG models

If you can’t do without your prescription glasses, you can always go for the OTG or Over The Glass models. These equipments work like standard specimens with the exception of a place for your glasses. They are easily put in place thanks to their tenfold depth for adding your accessories.

Position the mask correctly

If you have decided to wear a helmet during your activity, know that the mask is worn over this equipment. You must therefore place it first before positioning the second accessory. You just need to use the adjustment strap to achieve the desired level of tightness.

Store your accessory

Once the ski season is over, all you have to do is put away your equipment. Store your mask in its usual case. If you do not have a box intended for this use, be sure to put your equipment in a clean, dry place away from humidity. Also, do not position the glass against the surface, this may create scratches.

Add glasses

Some mask models give you the option of adding glasses depending on the brightness on the track. Ensure the protection index of the replacement accessories for optimum efficiency. But also, compatibility must be there. Before purchasing them, make sure that the auxiliaries can be added to your equipment without problems.

Maintain the mask

To restore the condition of your ski goggles, all you have to do is use a soft microfiber cloth. You can dampen it slightly, but not too much so that the drops do not slip between the glasses, especially if you have a dual screen model. Rub gently to avoid scratches.

Most popular brands

Wearing a ski mask will make you more comfortable, but also protection during your activity. Thus, the purchase of this equipment should not be taken lightly. However, you can always turn to the manufacturers who have their influences in consumer acquisition.

From the top of its 130 years of experience, Bollé is one of the essential references for lovers of sunglasses, goggles and ski helmets. The manufacturer’s expertise is reflected in its high quality items. It brings many innovations to its products allowing them to combine ergonomic technology and design which are also the watchwords of the brand. Bollé equipment is in demand by athletes of all categories such as cycling, golf and winter sports.

The brand’s ski goggles have a particular design mode. The NXT® material, for example, combines performance and strength with a clear improvement in user visibility. This technology is associated with the Equalizer® which has the effect of regulating the atmospheric pressure when you are at altitude. You will find this concentration of innovation especially in the Phantom collection.

In 1975, Oakley became known for its avant-garde designer sunglasses. Over the years, the brand extended its activity into the sports field by equipping athletes with its accessories that were as innovative as they were efficient.

Ski goggles are also found among Oakley’s products. You have a wide choice of models at your disposal, including references for all ages. The manufacturer also offers connected specimens. They are operated via a remote control and provide you with the necessary information about your exercise such as your speed, your altitude or your position.

Salomon is best known by followers of walking sports such as running, trekking, running, mountaineering and mountain hikes. It delivers to these consumers a wide variety of products ranging from shoes to backpacks, including clothing. The brand is also present on the ski goggles market. They are renowned for their optimal protection against the effects of light. The different types of masks are offered by Salomon through its large collection for men, women and children. They are both ergonomic and have a particular robustness that has made the reputation of the manufacturer.

Mpow is talking about it in the field of utility accessories for athletes. The brand emphasizes practicality with items such as armbands for smartphones, Bluetooth headset kits, connected bracelets, not to mention helmets and ski goggles.

For the latter, you will find unisex and versatile models. They can be worn by both men and women and are compatible with other disciplines such as snowboarding or sledding. They have a dual lens anti-fog system that limits the formation of vapors. With their designs equipped with 3 layers of high density foam, comfort is at the rendezvous.

Ultrasport aims to bring comfort to all profiles of users of sports or leisure equipment. The brand therefore has a wide variety of products to its credit such as bodybuilding and fitness equipment, clothing, swimsuits, bicycle helmets and many more.

Accessories for winter disciplines are also not left out from the manufacturer. Ski goggles have CE certification if you are looking for a guarantee of quality. The sizes are adjustable with the adjustable strap. They are also provided with an aspect that will not leave you indifferent.

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